Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crochet and bracelet

Last night I started a new project. It's a crochet pattern for a dishcloth from 1919. I completed it today. And then tonight I started another new project, a crochet heart. It's done and I am pleased with my first attempt.

Yesterday, I also completed 3 zipperpulls to add to the collection I am making for the youth fund at church, but I don't figure I need to post a picture of every zipperpull since they are all about the same just different colors. Maybe at the end I will get a picture of everything I am making for it and that will be good enough.
I also added this picture of a bracelet I made many years ago while getting into plastic lacing. This is the only bracelet of this type I ended up making due to the supplies and work involved, but I love it. I just gave it to my daughter to proudly wear.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zipper Pulls

I used to make these for a lot of kids and have plenty of supplies left just sitting around so I was inspired to make up more zipper pulls, keychains, and dragonfly pins(I will have pictures of all later) and sell them kinda cheap and give all the money to God for a youth ministry for our kids at church. The church is small and God provides, but what better thing can I do with a ton of supplies just sitting around??? You can't out-give God! :)