Saturday, January 21, 2017

Men's Christian retreat table decorations

Helping out with a men's retreat by creating a table 
decoration which illustrates the theme.
It was a struggle to come up with an idea, 
but here is what I have.
The theme is Lay Your Burdens Down.
This first picture is a man carrying 
heavy burdens.
 This next one is the man laying the burdens 
down at the cross.
 This last one is the man praising God 
for taking those burdens.
 Here is a side view of the triangle, and 
for those who want to know each side 
is the size of a piece of printer paper.
It's made with heavy poster board for the 
silhouette frames, tissue paper for the colors, 
clear plastic inside to prevent puncturing the 
tissue paper, and it's all just taped together.
 And, inside is a string of micro LED lights hung 
on a couple of strings.
Have a great day!!  :)