Saturday, January 21, 2017

Men's Christian retreat table decorations

Helping out with a men's retreat by creating a table 
decoration which illustrates the theme.
It was a struggle to come up with an idea, 
but here is what I have.
The theme is Lay Your Burdens Down.
This first picture is a man carrying 
heavy burdens.
 This next one is the man laying the burdens 
down at the cross.
 This last one is the man praising God 
for taking those burdens.
 Here is a side view of the triangle, and 
for those who want to know each side 
is the size of a piece of printer paper.
It's made with heavy poster board for the 
silhouette frames, tissue paper for the colors, 
clear plastic inside to prevent puncturing the 
tissue paper, and it's all just taped together.
 And, inside is a string of micro LED lights hung 
on a couple of strings.
Have a great day!!  :)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Charm Earrings & Rubberband Bracelets

I received many packages of charms and wondered 
what to do with them.  Then I decided that I could 
make earrings out of them.  Our sweet granddaughter 
chose the Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich charms 
for her earrings, and this is her first ever pair of 
hanging earrings and she loves them.
 Another view.
 There were these adorable donuts, but no one wanted 
them so they became a charm bracelet for a young 
girl we know.   As you can see there were plenty of 
other novelty charms turned into earrings.
 And a lot of these plastic flowers in various colors. 
 More charms in a great variety.
 And even more.
 And our wonderful granddaughters made these 
rubberband bracelets(the items on the left are some 
of my tatting which were posted long ago on my 
tatting blog.
Hope this inspires you!!  :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Empty Tomb Treats

I wanted a neat Easter treat to make for one of our church groups and this is what I found.
The "recipe" is here:  
 I changed it a little.  I added these little chocolate butter button cookies I found, and I used chocolate graham crackers, and green spray icing.  The little flags come with the "recipe" and you just print and cut apart.  We didn't glue them to the tooth picks, we just taped them.  :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Granddaughter costumes DONE!!! :)

Natalie's Cape and mask(mask was bought).  
 Natalie's Princess costume.  (wish I could see her in it)
 Madison's Fairy costume front.  (would love to see her in this too)
 Madison's Fairy costume back.  :)  (wings were bought)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Costume update

Madison's Fairy dress getting close to finished. still needs lots of work!!! 
 Another view-this time with the light behind it.
 Natalie's top DONE!!!  :)
Told you I wasn't a professional!!  :D    Just doing the almost best that I can-I am finding out that I really, really prefer my tatting now!!!  :)

Madison's costume(Fairy)

This is Madison's Fairy costume in progress.  It's just an idea of how it will somewhat look when finished(hopefully!!).  :)
 This next picture is hopefully to show the iridescence, shimmery, and glittery materials closer.  
Can't wait to be done with both!!  The girls are coming this weekend for fittings and hopefully to take them home, but I sure can't promise that today!!!  :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Working on Natalie's Princess costume

Here is the Princess costume I have been working on for our oldest granddaughter.
This week I started sewing on Wednesday and have this much done already.  
This is the top(the purple bead string will have to be sewn on by hand and where it's laying is a rough  idea of how it will look when attached).
 Next is the skirt.  The puffs on the side look much better than I thought they would.  The waist isn't finished yet, nor the hem.  Also, there will be 3(if I get them all done) strands of the purple bead string running completely around the skirt toward the bottom.
 Here is the top without the beads, and the hem still isn't finished yet.
 The pink material is so stiff that the skirt stands on it's own.  It stood on the chair all night.  :)
 And here it is from the back standing.  Crazy huh???   Oh, there is a cape to make to go with this also-hmmmm....will I get all this done?????
I really only have 2 weeks to get this finished and get the Fairy costume(which the material is mostly cut out already) done, because my dad is having surgery the following week.  Oh well, back to work on these next Monday.  :)