Thursday, December 8, 2016

Charm Earrings & Rubberband Bracelets

I received many packages of charms and wondered 
what to do with them.  Then I decided that I could 
make earrings out of them.  Our sweet granddaughter 
chose the Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich charms 
for her earrings, and this is her first ever pair of 
hanging earrings and she loves them.
 Another view.
 There were these adorable donuts, but no one wanted 
them so they became a charm bracelet for a young 
girl we know.   As you can see there were plenty of 
other novelty charms turned into earrings.
 And a lot of these plastic flowers in various colors. 
 More charms in a great variety.
 And even more.
 And our wonderful granddaughters made these 
rubberband bracelets(the items on the left are some 
of my tatting which were posted long ago on my 
tatting blog.
Hope this inspires you!!  :)