Friday, October 5, 2012

Working on Natalie's Princess costume

Here is the Princess costume I have been working on for our oldest granddaughter.
This week I started sewing on Wednesday and have this much done already.  
This is the top(the purple bead string will have to be sewn on by hand and where it's laying is a rough  idea of how it will look when attached).
 Next is the skirt.  The puffs on the side look much better than I thought they would.  The waist isn't finished yet, nor the hem.  Also, there will be 3(if I get them all done) strands of the purple bead string running completely around the skirt toward the bottom.
 Here is the top without the beads, and the hem still isn't finished yet.
 The pink material is so stiff that the skirt stands on it's own.  It stood on the chair all night.  :)
 And here it is from the back standing.  Crazy huh???   Oh, there is a cape to make to go with this also-hmmmm....will I get all this done?????
I really only have 2 weeks to get this finished and get the Fairy costume(which the material is mostly cut out already) done, because my dad is having surgery the following week.  Oh well, back to work on these next Monday.  :)


  1. Wow, it looks great!!
    Surgery? no fun!

  2. Thanks Jess!! Can't wait to show you the finished item!! :)