Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crafts, crafts, and more crafts

I made these chocolate and white chocolate covered apples as a Christmas gift several years ago for my sister and her family.

I just made this tatted flower today(sorry the picture isn't too clear, but there are little clear beads all around the center.

I made these candy canes yesterday.

This is my tatting collection so far. I just started tatting in January and I really like it.

I made this chocolate candy bar house this past Christmas and it turned out ok for a first time. And my niece Bethany ate the whole thing in something like a day-the big goof! I'm just glad she enjoyed it. :)

This is my Origami.
Most of the origami I have done I have learned from the internet. You can find step by step videos on Youtube and they are very helpful.
This first one is called a Butterfly Ball. When you toss it up into the air and give it a light "whack" it's pieces come apart and fall to the floor like butterflies.

This one is called LEROY's Origami Chrysanthemum Icosahedron Kusudama

These are called origami paper stars or (I believe) wishing stars. I made these on clear fishing line so I could hang them.

Here is my rainbow of stars.

If you look in the upper right hand corner of this picture you can see my origami paper strips for my stars. This cross is my from colored printer paper.

This cross is made from origami paper. It's much larger.

This cross is my own design. It's not too stable in the center, but it's constructed from origami cubes(boxes) that I had learned when I was around 12 years old.

These are pictures of my favorite origami project which is called Fireworks.
This first one is done in origami paper and it's a smaller one.
These are made from colored printer paper.

These are my own idea. The are rainbow caterpillers. I think they are so cute.

I made these bracelets. The first I call a promise bracelet cuz' it's rainbows all the way around and God used a rainbow as a symbol of His promise.

This is more origami called a dodecahedron.

This is one of my origami Fully Rely On God frogs.

And this is my pastel collection of the Fully Rely On God frogs. (I have a rainbow collection too)

This is one of my origami cubes(box). I found this pattern in a book from the library.

This is a mennorode star.

This one is so beautiful. It is called a Spiral.

These are Spiky Stars.

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